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Why Hiinsta is the best service for Instagram automation

Start and close

All activity going on our servers and you can feel free to logout, change account or close browser window after you start your activity

All actions

You can automate your liking, commenting or following activity. We also have a smart unfollow function with many settings

No download

You don't have to download and install anything. Hiinsta works on any devices and in any browsers. Our service is absolutely safe

Smart service

Our service will automatically find when you're close to reaching your daily Instagram limits and will reduce speed to not exceed it

Full control

We provide a full range of actions and settings to help you increase your Instagram followers, likes and comments

3 free days

Join Hiinsta today and start enjoying your progress immediately. Try it for free for 3 days and make a right decision about using our service

Email support

We guarantee that you will receive technical assistance whenever necessary. Feel free to contact us with any questions

Mobile ready

Our website works perfectly on all mobile devices. Now you can access and manage your activity whenever you want

Easy to use

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and how effective it is. We've prepared a very useful tips and a full guide about all settings


Search media from any location in the world


Hiinsta is designed to attract attention to your Instagram account and gain more comments, likes, and followers

When we started Hiinsta , it was just made for our personal needs. We wanted to get more Instagram followers without spending the time doing it all by hand, so we developed these tools in order to make the process simple and effective

Many people go the route of buying followers to make their Instagram look popular. However, these are only fake accounts, which don't interact with your account in any meaningful sort of way. With Instagress, you will generate a following of REAL people who are actually interested in what you're doing

We work with celebrities, start-ups, brand names, anything! Everyone knows the benefits of having a large number of followers, and we can help you. With Instagress, you will quickly rise the ranks into Instagram stardom


Instagram gives you a unique opportunity to share your life with people all around the world. With the help of our service you can interact with potential followers 24/7, day in, day out. Turn on your activity while you're sleeping or at work and your flow of followers and likes will never end


If you're using Instagram daily to engage with your fans or customers, then you know how much time it takes—especially if you're a social media agency managing hundreds of accounts. Instagress will not only save your time, but will help you to maximize your engagement with Instagram users. The attention your business receives will be neverending.

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Next, add your Instagram accounts using your credentials. Don't worry, we take your privacy and security very seriously

There are tons of settings that you can customize to specifically target the Instagram accounts that matter to you

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective it is. Just push the red button to get started and watch the new followers roll in